Part One - Home to Hyden

8th August, 1998
9th August, 1998
10th August, 1998

Saturday , 8th August, 1998

Parkroyal photograph

In the Airport Parkroyal Hotel, Sydney

Drop Cap am tempted to reproduce the first entry in this book (my travel notebook) as the situation is pretty much the same. We are sitting on the 9th floor of the Airport Parkroyal again preparatory to leaving for Perth at 0925 tomorrow morning. The view is slightly different but the room is practically identical. They have given us a bear in a Biggles flying jacket and helmet, which they didn't last year.

Drop Cap e are looking directly at the skyscrapers of Sydney in the distance and Mac can see his office. He is pulling faces at it. It has begun to rain again but so far today it has been much better than the wild weather of yesterday and the past week. Hope it is fine in the West.

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Sunday, 9th August, 1998

Drop Cap t was fine in Sydney this morning as we shuttled off to the shemozzle of the Domestic terminal. It was seething with people and looked like a construction site. (for the Olympics, of course). However, our plane took off on time and we had an uneventful five-hour flight to Perth. We had brunch (vegetable quiche, sausage and mushrooms, fruit, juice, roll, cheese and bikkies). Very nice too, though I kept my Old Bitey and crackers for later.

Cruise photograph

Going on Board for our cruise

Drop Cap rriving in Perth to find it glorious weather, warm and sunny, we went off to cruise the Swan River to Fremantle and back. It was a lovely day to be on the water and Perth is a very attractive city. We enjoyed ourselves, even tasting some WA wines on the way back.

Perth Skyline photograph

Skyline of Perth from the Swan River

Drop Cap he Novotel Langley is a nice hotel, very full with tour groups. We are having welcome drinks in the Fenian's Bar (all harps and shamrocks) then dinner. More later.

Drop Cap e had our drinks in the Lobby Bar instead (far less smoke in the air) and a very good buffet meal in the Gazebo Cafe with good company. We are a mixed bag, but I think we are all Aussies. There is a young girl travelling alone, quite a lot of other singles of both sexes and couples from our age up to decrepitude.
Back to organise cases, as they have to be out early. We have a long day tomorrow.

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Monday, 10th August, 1998

York photograph

Town Hall, York WA

Drop Cap great breakfast after an early start this morning led to our heading out of Perth to York, an historic town. It was very cute with lots of old pubs and houses.

Motor Museum photograph

Fire Engine in York Motor Museum

Drop Cap e stopped long enough to go to the York Vintage Motor Museum. This was very interesting with lots of old cars from a Model T Ford to a Jag E-Type. Old motor cycles and a Dennis Fire Engine as well. I had to drag Mac out of the place as the bus was leaving.

York Lookout photograph

Looking out over York, WA

Drop Cap fter this we drove to the top of a local hill for a panoramic view over the area. This country is very flat and the fields are badly affected by salt erosion. We saw an emu and a small mob of kangaroos. We had lunch in a Shell Roadhouse and walked in Rotary Park.

Drop Cap fter lunch we proceeded on for a long time until we reached Hyden and passed through to the Wave Rock area. It's funny, I expected Wave Rock to tower over the surrounding country like a desert monolith but it is quite unobtrusive until you actually reach it. Before we reached it, however, we visited Mulka's Cave, an aboriginal site full of hand stencils and a couple of linear drawings. It has a horrible legend attached to it and is taboo to Aboriginals.

Wave Rock Postcard

Postcard of Wave Rock, near Hyden WA

Drop Cap hen we visited a formation called the Hippo's Yawn, for obvious reasons, then Elephant Rock and Turtle Rock. Then , at last, to Wave Rock. It was raining, unfortunately, so I don't know how the photos will be but it was quite spectacular, rearing up from the ground, striated in various colours. Very interesting.

Drop Cap e came back to Hyden to Wave Rock Motel, for a sumptuous buffet dinner. Lovely open fires and nice lounge. We played Chinese checkers in front of the fire then went to bed.

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