Wednesday Morning - early

simiangs photograph

The Noisy Simiangs

drop cap t a quarter to seven the next morning we met Greg in the car park and we went on our sunrise tour. By now the animals were going out to their exhibition areas but the stars of the morning were the white handed gibbons showing off with circus acrobatics on the ropes around their little house and the simiang, a pure black gibbon, of which I had never heard until now. They have a family, father, mother and one year old female and they were the most active and interesting animals! They are also among the noisiest animals I have ever seen! They have inflatable sacs under their chins which make noises in the same way as bagpipes or some bullfrogs do. These animals apparently once belonged to Adelaide zoo, but the noise they made could be heard all over Adelaide and not appreciated. Here they can scream all they like.

bongo photograph

Bongo from the Congo

drop cap e also met the Bongo, another animal of which I had never heard. It is a large, very rare and shy member of the antelope species. It has beautiful markings, very unusual and very good for camouflage.

Antelope Graphic

drop cap ltogether, the tours have been fascinating. Greg is very knowledgeable and knows all the animals by name. We have really enjoyed it. We returned to the Main House for a large cooked breakfast. Juice, cereal or fruit, scrambled eggs, bacon, mushrooms, grilled tomato, toast and coffee. Yum. All meals, tours and accommodation are included in the package. Even a lunch voucher for today.

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