Saturday 21st May, 2005

Saturday 21st May, 2005

Drop Cap p at crack of dawn today so we could make a relatively early start. We said goodbye to David and Lorraine Wolsey with thanks and good wishes and were on the road by 08:00.

Drop Cap e made quite good time, only going wrong in very minor ways and pulling into the Station Car Park at Skipton by 11:45.

Rosemary and Liz photograph

Rosemary from the Blue Mountains meets Liz from Leeds

Drop Cap e found Liz (from Leeds) already there. She is a very pleasant person, easy to get on with and so we loaded everyone into the car and headed down to the canalside carpark (Leeds and Liverpool Canal) where we found a pub for lunch.
This was OK if not spectacular.

After lunch the four of us went for a stroll along the towpath until our Pay and Display ran out at 14:00 and so we took Liz back to the Station and resumed our way towards Shap in the Lake District.

Drop Cap e stopped for afternoon tea at Kendall and after that the nearest thing to a calamity hit. We discovered we had left behind at Cromford the plastic sleeve with all our accommodation correspondence, receipts, and maps. The worst thing was that it contained the only record of our booking number for the Orkney ferry.

Drop Cap hen we arrived at Brookfield House B & B, Shap, however, Mrs. Brunskill greeted us with "Did you know you left your documents behind in Derbyshire?" Apparently Lorraine had looked at the first page, which had the details of today's run and had rung Mrs. Brunskill to let us know. We rang her back and arranged for her to send the packet to us at the Guest House in Huntly next week. They can't do anything until Monday and we leave Crail on Wednesday morning so it might be a bit tight. So Huntly seemed the best bet.

Drop Cap e went out to forage for dinner and, after driving through Penrith and not finding much, we came back to Shap and had a not very good meal at the Bull's Head. We are going to have to be careful where and what we eat from now on, and stick to sandwiches for lunch, if possible.

Drop Cap nyway, I hope we get our papers alright. It is only the booking number for the ferry which is vital because they do not issue tickets.

Drop Cap omorrow to Scotland.

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