(25th Wedding Anniversary)

Drop Cap hy New Caledonia? Well, when we got back from Britain last year we were both exhausted because of the constant driving and moving on. So I felt that a holiday where everything was laid on and done for us would be a nice change. Anne and Chris had a good time at Club Med in New Caledonia and I wanted to practice my French without a trip all the way back to Europe (just yet) so we felt that New Caledonia at two and a half hours flight away would fill the bill.

Drop Cap t was a nice change to go into the Travel Agent (Jetset Penrith Plaza) and just give a date. Everything else was part of the package. Although Mac and I had really enjoyed the exercise of planning our trip to Britain, this time I wanted it all arranged for us. The deal with Club Med is you pay one price and it includes your return airfares and transfers to the village or whatever, all your accommodation and meals including wine and beer, and most of your entertainment and activities. You pay extra for things like cocktails in the bar outside meal times and outside excursions. Everything else in the Club environs is included, swimming, snorkelling, archery, tennis, everything.

Drop Cap o, on Friday 6th August, 1993, we finished our packing and took off for New Caledonia and Club Med.


Welcome to Club Med

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