Saturday 7th August, 1993

Petit Train photograph

Le Petit Train

Drop Cap p at 8 a.m. for a shower and breakfast. Juice, croissants, brioche and coffee. There were lots of cereals, fruit, cooked eggs, sausages etc available, but a light breakfast is all I can cope with. After breakfast, an orientation meeting in the theatre, presided over by Marina, the Italian chief hostess, followed by booking a couple of excursions. Then we went for a ride on Le Petit Train. This is a tractor, disguised as a railway engine, pulling several carriages. We had a tour of Noumea (Neil is right, Noumea is a dump, I'm glad I'm at Club Med). But we also went round the coast and it is lovely.

Noumea photograph

The Roofs of Noumea

Drop Cap hen we got back there was just time to freshen up for lunch. Lunch was another buffet full of interesting things. I haven't had a hot meal yet. Maybe tonight. After lunch we took our books out by the pool on reclining lounges. The weather is somewhat disappointing so far - VERY windy and cool with it and squalls of rain. It drove us inside where we sat in the lobby and talked to a NZ couple who are here for a double wedding of their daughters on Monday until nearly 3 pm then went off to try archery.

Drop Cap ac of course had done this before and got on with the minimum of assistance from Agil, the instructor. However, I obviously haven't got the idea because I bruised my arm and even drew blood with the string. (My bruise became absolutely enormous and colourful - the talk of Club Med). But I hit the target (not the bull) 50% of the time and hit one out of the area altogether. I don't know my own strength.

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