Sunday, 8th August, 1993

Drop Cap ast night I saw the "Circus Show" put on by the GO's and it was very good. There was one girl who did a single trapeze and rope act. Very graceful, concealing the strength required. There was a very funny acrobatic juggler who must have been a pro ring-in. There was also Jacky, one of the GO's who is a very loudmouth character normally but who did a comic magic act (corny but funny) in MIME without making a noise. He was excellent! They have some multi-talented people here, considering the GO's work all day, teaching sports, looking after children, trying to make sure everyone has a good time. A bit over the top sometimes which turns Mac right off. But most people seem to enjoy it.

Beach photograph

Anse Vata Beach, Club Med

Drop Cap e had the "Olympic Games" today, black team v red team. We were blacks. We both took part in black's victorious tug o war teams and I took part in the Trivia Quiz. By a trick and a hijack, all the trivia people were conscripted into the GM show tonight. Luckily I don't have to dance, just move. I am a baby, on my knees with huge shoes attached (made of foam luckily for my arthritic knees) lip synching to "Just a Gigolo" with two other ladies, Elaine from Bankstown and Denise from NZ, and we are also in the finale, "Grease". Mac has refused even to come. He archeried this afternoon but I decided I was wounded enough. The archery instructor, Agil, asked him to be in the Archery tournament, but he says he won't. Just not a joiner. Nearly 9 p.m. time for a last rehearsal. Five minutes seems somewhat less than adequate. Mac may well be right.

Drop Cap ater. Actually it all went quite well. A full house and all seemed to enjoy it. The skits etc were well enough done because of being tried and true favourites, I guess and five minutes practice didn't give you time enough to worry about it. Anyway the three "babies", Elaine, Denise and I enjoyed it and the audience seemed to as well, lots of them told us so.

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