Monday, 9th August, 1993

Show  photograph

Elaine, Rosemary, Chontiqua (GO) and Denise in the Show

Drop Cap he weather is better today but the building site opposite our room is back in full swing after the weekend. They were very noisy from 7 a.m. It is still not warm enough to swim by my standards but we put on the gear and lay around the chairs by the pool till the sharp wind drove us up into a more sheltered sunny spot. After lunch we had a siesta (what a life!) and will soon take a walk up the beach. Mac isn't sleeping well at night but I find the bed comfortable.

Drop Cap e went to Le Grand Cafe for dinner tonight. A nice place, very French, but the service was strange. They were so anxious to clear your plate that they practically snatched it out from under your fork, then brought the next course before you had time to swallow! You need time to digest between courses I think. The food was quite nice, though.

Drop Cap ordered a photograph of our show act and I'll get the other ladies to sign it or a piece of Club Med paper. A Cabaret show tonight. A bit forced but some of it was funny.

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