Tuesday, 10th August, 1993

Catamaran photograph

Ben(oit) (GO) at the helm

Drop Cap oday we go on a Pic Nic. (sic) Looks calm for boating. More later.

We had a lovely day on a small island, calm sea, very shallow, perfect for snorkelling or just sitting around in the water. On the way out we saw a large school of small fish being herded by a group of much larger fish, Ben said they were Bonito, leaping out of the water and keeping the group milling around in the middle with seagulls coming down to share the feast. Interesting. The sun shone, the wind was non existent and I ventured into the water for the first time. We saw a couple of sea snakes (deadly poison) striped black and white but Ben, the GO and super hunk in dreadlocks and fluorescent grin said that if we don't bother them they won't bother us.
Unfortunately, they bother me just by being there.

Picnic photograph

Picnic on Wing Island

drop Cap e had a barbecue on the beach and a lovely trip home under sail. It was a big catamaran with auxiliary engines which we needed on the way out as it was very calm but we sailed home. Slapped on shirt, cap and 15+ sunscreen, no damage.

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